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The Track Den Skæve Bane

The shelter site at The Crooked Track Den Skæve Bane along Hærvejen is well-positioned on the Jyske Højderyg (Jutlandic Ridge) among many trees. Sleep outside in the shelters and cook over a fire.

The Site

The shelter site is equipped with a simple shelter for 8 people, a sturdy table/bench set, a fire pit with a grill grate, a dry toilet, and water from its own well. The well was cleaned of iron deposits in the spring of 2011. There may be some discoloration due to iron, but the water is not harmful to health. It may help to pump a few liters of water before drinking it. The well undergoes a drinking water analysis every year.

There is also plenty of space for any tents. Additionally, you can find wild strawberries and wood sorrel in the surrounding nature.


The site can be difficult to find if you arrive via the surrounding roads. The best advice is to follow the old railway track.