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Tranum Friluftsbad


Tranum's open-air swimming pool - in shelter of the wind. Here you will feel a vibe of vacation, summer and bathing season. Everybody is welcome. 

In the middle of the city of Tranum (Margrethegårdsvej behind the school's bus shed - you can also drive to Uglevej 2A, 9460 Brovst) lies the outdoor swimming pool of the city. During the school-vacation it is open every day except Mondays from 12-17. 


The swimming pool is maintained by volunteers - so it is free. Actually, the pool has been maintained by the Kronborg family, followed by the name Thomsen, Jensen or Sørensen through 3 generations - and the 4th generation are now learning everything about water quality, cleaning, how to fill up the water and the joy about seeing people happy. 

Even though the pool is based on volunteer work, it is not obvious (only when looking at the free entrance and the good atmosphere). There are, for an example, new tiles and bottom. The reason why everything works, is also because of the municipality of Jammerbugt, the town counsel of Tranum and the many volunteers helping. 

Come and visit the place - it is free. If you do not want to get in the water, then come and enjoy the sun when it is showing. Come and enjoy the happy children playing. Come and enjoy the good atmosphere.

The pool has been there for many years - the house with the changing rooms and the toilet with its architecture are from in beginning of 1950's, which helps to create the atmosphere of the pool. The times stands still here and why not have a good time while times stand still. Stress is not present here. 


Restrictions due to Corona/COVID-19

  • Keep a distance – show consideration
  • MAX 50 visitors at a time
  • MAX 16 people in the basin
  • Bring own swim equipment
  • Arrive washed/clean prior to entering
  • Bring your own towel or chair for your stay in the lido
  • There is hand sanitizer 

Please keep a distance and take care. We are in this together.