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Troldhede Kirke

The church was built during 1905-06 and was consecrated in 1907. The year 1906 has been engraved on the altar and on the two large brass candlesticks.The architect Ahlmann broke his usual pattern of design when designing this church:it has a nave and a choir which merge with each other; the arches are copies of the ones of the Middle Ages, the so-called "ferro arches". Furthermore, an organ gallery was built and though the pulpit was simple made, it is very beatiful.The altar piece was alternated in connection with the restoration of the church in 1990; the altar piece has been supplied with a picture representing the crucified Christ, painted by Axel Hou. During the German occupation of Denmark, a German aircraft flew too close to the church, hit the church spire and crashed at the cemetery and the surrounding fields; the pilot was not injured.