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Troldsting at Bulbjerg

Troldsting is the ridge that extends from Bulbjerg into the country to the south.

Back in the Stone Age, the whole area was part of Bulbjerg Island and the shallow sound that connected the Limfjord with Jammerbugten.

In the area by Troldsting there are remains of burial mounds from the Bronze Age. You can also see individual stone settings, the monument stone and various tools that show that people lived here in both the Stone Age and the Bronze Age.

The name Troldsting sounds slightly supernatural, and the place has also been shrouded in mystery. An old legend tells that the trolls met here and kept things. But the nice peace of mind was broken when two warlike trolls one day started throwing stones at each other.

It is stones from their battles that are still scattered in the area, the story goes. The more sober and scientific explanation is that the many large rocks have been brought here by ice age glaciers for approx. 18,000 years ago.