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Trustrup Hills

This hill offers as amazing view in a beautiful, hilly landscape of fields on the northern side of Horsens Fjord, near Sondrup Hills. With a summit 70 metres ASL, you can enjoy an impressive view of the fjord.

Where do you find the best view of Horsens Fjord?

These hills on the northside of the fjord is a good bet. It is quite idyllic in the hilly and waving landscape around the village Trustrup with a network of dirt roads. Set the GPS location to Glibingvej – there is a small parking lot at the side of the road where you see a sign leading to the hills. A wooden gate allows you to enter the fenced area. There are goat paths in the enclosure taking you through the area. It is an interesting place to go exploring – not least for children.

The highest point is 70 metres ASL. You have a great view of Horsens Fjord and a long way into Bjerre district on the southside of the Fjord, when the weather is clear.


Hiking in the hills

A waymarked route with yellow arrows and dots will take you on a short 1 kilometre roundtrip through the enclosure. This loop is connected the popular hiking route, The Fjordmino, that goes all the way around the fjord. You can choose to follow the yellow arrows to the red arrows and dots of the Fjordmino in Skablund Forest. The Trustrup Hills route is 3 kilometres long if you include the trip southwards to the Fjordmino.

If you follow The Fjordmino east from Skablund Forest, you will reach one of the most beautiful forest areas in the region, Sondrup Hills. There are two more vista points in Sondrup Hills, Glibinghøj and Blakshøj. We recommend combining a visit to Trustrup Hills with Sondrup Hills/Plantation. There is a great contrast between the forested hills of Sondrup Hills and the more open landscape around Trustrup.


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