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Ubuntu Coffee Roasters Coffeehouse

UBUNTU is the perfect place for a good cup of coffee in an old authentic barn in a former sugar factory

Ubuntu roasts small batches of specialty coffee beans that have been carefully sourced and selected for their special, rich aromas and flavors, to depict the brave and vibrant African heritage.

Caryn & Stephan were born and raised in Nambia and came to Denmark in 2019. Their love for coffee originated there when they experienced the emergence of a distinctive, unique, and vibrant coffee culture that captivated locals and tourists alike. Inspired by local flavors, traditions from the Namibian coffee industry and the social aspects of coffee consumption, café UBUNTU started on Lolland-Falster.

The cozy café is located in an old horse stable. The stable was built in 1901 at Sakskøbing Sugar Factory, which, with its history and authentic atmosphere, is the perfect place for Ubuntu. Previously, the stable housed the horses that had to transport the sugar to the sugar factory until 1991, when sugar production was stopped.