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Discover Karen Engholm Jensen's beautiful paper art at Galleri Øst in Bogense!

Værkstedsgalleriet - The Workshop Gallery - is the workshop of artist Karen Engholm Jensen.

Karen is an artist who finds inspiration in the small details of our world. Her works explore symmetry and asymmetry, colours and shapes, often with a playful twist. She has mastered both the art of "psaligraphy" - drawing with scissors - and painting, often combining the two techniques in her mixed media works.

Karen's background in psaligraphy, with over 40 years of experience with scissors, shines through in her precise cuts and sense of composition. Her use of coloured paper and 3D effects gives her work a vibrancy and depth that draws the viewer in.

In recent years, Karen has expanded her artistic horizons to include painting. Acrylic is her favourite medium and she uses it to create abstract and expressive works.

Karen's curiosity about the world around her is a driving force in her art. She questions the small and the large, the ordinary and the extraordinary, and invites the viewer to do the same. Her works are an invitation to stop, take a closer look and immerse yourself in the present moment.

Karen Engholm Jensen exhibits at Galleri Øst on Østergade 14 in Bogense, where you can see her and other exciting artists' works.