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Varde Ådal Lam

Varde Ådal Lam is an organic family-run farm with its own farm shop and slaughterhouse. Lambs, cattle, pigs, ducks and chickens graze in the fields of West Jutland. The farm shop is self-service and is open every day from 08.00-20.00.

Varde Ådal Lam is a family-run farm near the Wadden Sea National Park that prioritizes ecology and animal welfare. The land is cultivated so that Varde Ådal Lam is self-sufficient with feed. On the remaining areas, potatoes, vegetables, and winter pastures for the animals are produced.

In our self-service farm shop, we have a wide selection of our own products and other local specialties. We sell meat from our own organic lambs, cattle, pigs, ducks, and geese, but we also sell organic cheese, wine, and honey. Additionally, you can buy rabbits and game, lambskins, flowers, and various specialties like schnapps, salt, chocolate, jam, etc.

The shop is self-service – but Eva is usually nearby and can help you with any questions as well as good ideas for preparation. In the farm shop, you can pay with MobilePay, credit card, and cash (Danish kroner only).

In the farm slaughterhouse, there are safe and quality-conscious conditions and skilled staff that focus on animal welfare. By slaughtering on the farm, unnecessary transport of the animals is avoided.

Besides the many animals on the farm, there is also a herding dog named Tikki, a Border Collie. He is used to move the sheep and is therefore trained as a herding dog. Additionally, there are farm cats and the spoiled Labrador, Aija.