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Varde Å Day

Varde Å is very special; tidally regulated and part of the Wadden Sea National Park. Join us at Varde River Day, which offers activities and culinary experiences for everyone. It takes place along the river at Hodde, Varde, Janderup and Ho Bugt/Kjelst.

Free activities

The vast majority of events are free, but feel free to bring cash to buy products to take home with you.


In each area the activities are within cycling distance, but if you want to get around to all the towns, you may also want to take the car.

We in Nature

We in Nature is the vision for the entire Varde Municipality. It frames the story of the good life in our scenic surroundings. Citizens should experience pride in the unique nature and that it creates a framework for a good life. Businesses should see nature as a source for strengthening and developing their business. Tourists will experience nature as the setting for unique holiday experiences. With this vision, we want to create development, growth and quality of life together. The vision is actively used by citizens, institutions, associations, local communities and businesses.