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Vejen Miniature Town

The association "Vejen Miniby" has constructed a miniaturised copy of Vejen (around 1900-1930) in the scale 1:10. The purpose is to show how Vejen developed from market town to industrial town.

The buildings are as authentic as possible, i.e. with as much documentation as possible, including front and back buildings. They also relate the "story" of the houses and their residents. There is also an emphasis on old craft traditions, so nothing is left to chance. Work on the Vejen Miniature Town is 100 percent voluntary.

· Brickwork
· Plumbers
· Roadwork
· Carpenters
· Masons
· Architects
· Joiners
· History group
· Model workshop

If you would like to visit the Vejen Miniature Town workshop then look us up. With larger groups, we would like to be notified in advance.