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Vester Hornum Church

Vester Hornum Church stands as a beautiful symbol of history and architecture, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Himmerland.

The church, which is the old Herred church, dates back to Romanesque times, built of granite blocks and with a tiled roof. In 1943, the tower was erected to the west, which also serves as a porch. The former porch to the north is now a chapel. In the south wall, you can see a bricked-up door, which originates from a demolished porch.

In the choir hangs a former altarpiece by Lucie Ingemann. The current altarpiece depicting the institution of the Lord's Supper was found in the church attic during the church's restoration in 1952.

In 1941, remains of a fresco from the time just before the Reformation, depicting the Passion of Christ, were uncovered to the left of the chancel arch.