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Vesterhavskunst Skive | Pottery Workshop in Skive

Experience Vesterhav Art - a small shop fuld of artistic creativity!


Vesterhavskunst is an exciting pottery workshop located in Skive, where creativity thrives. Here, a wide range of pottery courses are offered, including wheel-throwing courses, casting courses, and hand-building courses. For those who wish to work independently, it's possible to book a spot in the workshop and pursue personal ceramic projects.

A popular activity is the pottery painting café, where visitors can paint unique ceramics created in the workshop. Additionally, Vesterhavskunst offers a home pottery kit, allowing you to shape clay at home while the workshop handles glazing and firing.

Vesterhavskunst also organizes many events, both in the workshop and externally at places like companies. These events can include the painting café or workshops where participants make their own clay mugs. Attached to the workshop is a small pottery shop, open during the workshop's hours, where you can buy unique ceramic pieces.

For more information and current events, visit Vesterhav Art's website.