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Viking Market

Lindholm Høje once again invites you to Northern Jutland’s largest Viking fair which will take place the last weekend of June. Meet the Vikings at the top of the hills and enjoy a trip back in time.

For more than 20 years the Viking Group of Lindholm Høje has hosted the Viking fair in the last weekend of June next, to the ancient Viking burial site just north of Aalborg. Here lies the Lindholm Høje museum which tells the story of the Viking age through words, pictures and well-preserved artifacts. The adjacent café will offer every hungry traveler food and refreshments.

At the fair you can experience birds of prey, Icelandic horses, fighting shows and functional workshops. Visit the stalls where you can buy everything from the traditional Mjød (mead) to authentic Viking jewelry, knotless knitting, weaving and animal hides. Taste the food of the Vikings and experience the fair musicians – just like they did 1100 years ago.

Live Animals and Activities for Kids

At the Viking workshop kids can try their hands at spinning wool, making a fire with flint rocks, create unique bracelets or their very own purse made of skin. The warrior school gathers kids to be trained and ready for war, with swords, axes and shield, in two dangerous Viking armies.

The riding group EhwaR will be performing shows on horseback and demonstrate how horse and rider was equipped in the Viking ages, with gear authentic down to the smallest detail. Ribe Viking Center will also visit the fair and showcase fantastic birds of prey and falconer with the sky over the ancient Viking burial sites.

Viking Battles, Mjød and Music

Many battle groups, such as Aalborgs own, IHWAR will be shouting war commands and demonstrate their fighting abilities on the battlefield. You will have the opportunity to try a bow and arrow with a fake animal as a target.

Mjød and lots of food is, of course, an integral part if Viking fairs! The scent of sausages, pork and lamb roasted over the fire pits and served with authentic flat bread, a good strong mustard and local herbs, fills the air over the fair, what more could a real Viking wish for? The Viking music group KRAUKA will perform at the fair, to ensure the atmosphere is just right.

Stalls and Activities

At the fair you have the opportunity to see how the fine goods are made and make a good deal with the salesmen from Denmark and other countries. Do you want Thor’s Hammer tattooed on your arm, yarn made with natural colors and amazing Viking jewelry, then you have found just the right place.

As is tradition, the Vikinggroup from Lindholm Høje will show their own craftmansship, and there will be a photo stall showcasing the past 14 years work that has gone into making a reproduction of the 70 meter long Bayeux Tapestry, which tells the story of the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

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