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The Viking ship Garden by the Sea

On the way to Kerteminde, the drivers encounter a silhouette of a Viking ship, which draws threads to the area's Viking history.

In the period 2012-2014, Kerteminde carried out a destination development project under the title Kerteminde Haven by the Sea. In connection with this project, several network groups worked with self-selected projects that should contribute to marking Kerteminde as a destination for coastal tourism.

One of these networking groups set out to beautify the city while emphasizing the coastal and historical roots dating back to the Viking Age.

The roundabout, previously planted with ordinary grass, was transformed into a beach with sand, ral, marsh straw and other plants belonging to the beach. As an eye-catcher on the mound in the roundabout, a silhouette of a Viking ship was placed. The initiator of the project was Poul Kingo Pedersen, together with the association 'Ensomme Gamle Mænd' and members of Ladby Ship Guild. The latter guild was founded with the aim of creating a replica of the Viking ship.