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Visual artist Catharina Nordlindh

Catharina Nordlindh grew up in northern Sweden in nature with wide expanses, heavy mountains and cold winters. Today, she lives and works in Espergærde, surrounded by the blue sea and lush, rolling gardens. These contrasts, combined with her background in dance and music, form the basis of her artistic work.

The importance of colour

The colour is of intense importance to Catharina's visual world. From strong, pure colours with great dynamic range, she moves effortlessly to the most delicate pastel. Drama and power make the picture shine.

The woman as the creative force

Catharina is particularly concerned with the woman as a creative force and has created several large abstract portraits of artists that matter to her: Lady Gaga, Maria Callas, Monica Zetterlund, Amy Winehouse, and others.

About music and energy vibrations

“To me, the shapes and colours are a dance - one energy vibration becomes another. I love to feel how inspiration from music, inner images, dreams, nature, people, children's voices ... sets my creativity in motion and how colours and shapes transform into a picture on my canvas. ”

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