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The Vitus Bering Park

This urban park in the centre of Horsens is located between the train station and the pedestrian street. This public park, which is named after Horsens’ most famous citizen ever, Vitus Bering, offers a cosy setting for relaxation in the centre. The park is best known for its many colourful rhododendron bushes and the guns from one of Vitus Bering’s expeditions.

Public open space in the city centre

The Vitus Bering Park is a small public park in the centre of Horsens. The public park was built in honour of the world-famous explorer Vitus Bering who was born in Horsens. Vitus Bering led the biggest expedition in world history and discovered the strait between Russia and America.

The park is beautiful with its clear contrast to its otherwise urban surroundings in the city centre. Due to its location next to the station and at the end of the pedestrian street in the shopping centre, you can easily combine shopping or lunch in the centre with a trip to the park. There are lots of quiet spots that are sheltered from the traffic as well as activities and plenty of opportunity to enjoy your packed lunch in a perfect setting.


Activities in the Vitus Bering Park

The park is designed with several open spaces/squares that can be used for yoga / tai chi or the likes. Rest under the oak treeson the big open space with lots of tables and benches where you can enjoy your picnic. This is also the place where you can see the two original cannons from Vitus Bering’s last expedition – the biggest in world history. The guns were brought back to Denmark from Bering Island as a gift from the Soviet Union. There is a plaque between the guns that show the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans that Bering explored and mapped.


Seven babies and seven sausages

There are three works of art in the Vitus Bering Park. The newest addition is the well-known local artist Michael Kviums’s sculpture ‘Seven’ which represents… seven babies and seven traditional red sausages. The sculpture is placed at the entrance closest to the train station. There are also two older sculptures in the park. ‘Mother with Children’ by Svend Lindhard and ‘The girl with the golden horn’ by Holger Christensen.

The sculptures in the park are a part of Horsens Sculpture Boulevard which is three kilometres long and has 16 sculptures so far. The sculpture boulevard is under development with new artwork by recognized artists. The boulevard starts at the train station and ends at Horsens Harbour.


Combine with other experiences

A trip to Vitus Bering Park can be a fine way of ending a trip to the centre. You might want to combine with a meal at one of the local eateries in the centre – for example Jacobs Vin & Tapas nearby. Or why not compete at boardgames or shuffleboard at The Board Game Café (Brætspilscaféen)? This way you can bring one of their unique craft beers to the park and relax on the lawn afterwards.

You should also consider visiting the old manor park Bygholm Park which can be found on the other side of the tunnel in the train station.