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Voices of the Street

Take a unique city walk with stories from the shadow side of society. Through personal stories, you'll hear about life on the streets of Odense with drug use, crime and homelessness.

Join us on a tough and exciting journey through the streets of Odense in an hour and a half. The guides at Voices of the Street are people who have spent large parts of their lives living on the margins or completely outside of society. On a city walk, they openly share their experiences, insights and stories about a life on the streets that few people know about. The guides at Voices of the Street are socially disadvantaged and are in meaningful paid employment, where they use their stories to help reduce stigmatisation and prejudice between people. In addition to the harsh stories, there is also hope, smiles and optimism.

Book a tour:

Voices of the Street has open tours every weekend in Odense, where everyone can participate. However, it is recommended that children are at least 12 years old. Book an open tour here.
If you represent a company, school class, a larger group or similar, you can book a private tour where you decide the time and date yourself. Contact Voices of the Street for more info.