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In Horsens Fjord, there is a preserved and desert island with unique nature. You only get access to Vorsø on guided tours where you can hear exciting stories about the rich animal life and vegetation. 

Where nature rules

There are only few places in this part of the world where you can experience wild and untamed nature, nearly untouched by mankind. The island Vorsø, close to the northern coast of Horsens Fjord, is such a place. Here, the animals live undisturbed, and you can experience a richer animal life than other places in nature where they have to share the space with humans.

The island is home to rare plants and animals, and the fauna constantly changes. There are more than 50 breeding bird species on the small island – including white-tailed eagle, grey heron, and the cormorant. There has been as much as 5000 breeding pairs of cormorants at once. The development is followed and registered and serves as important research.

The island has one human inhabitant. Nature guide Jens Gregersen lives on the island with his family, and it is his job to monitor the development inn the animal population.


Put on your waders and come along for a guided tour

During the summer period, Odder Museum organizes guided tours. Jens Gregersen and Odder Museum’s nature guide Ole Sørensen and lead you around the island with exciting stories about the history of the island, and its animal life and vegetation.

The only way to access Vorsø is via the ford at Brigsted, where there is also a campsite. Here, you must trudge through the very shallow waters of Horsens Fjord for one kilometre – so find your waders or water shoes. Depending on the tide, the trip can be more or less exhausting, but it is a fun part of the experience that you will remember.

On Odder Museum’s website you can see the future tours to Vorsø (in Danish).


Book your own your

Groups can contact Jens Gregersen at +45 40 85 64 25 and hear more about the opportunity for a guided tour on Vorsø.