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The walk around Skarresø

The lake Skarresø is 194 acres and one of the biggest lakes on Zealand. The lake is in the nature park Åmosen and surrounded by woodlands, so it is a perfect place to experience the different colours of each season. 

The hiking route around Skarresø - one of Zealand's biggest lakes

The walk around the lake Skarresø is 11 km. It is one of Zealand's largest lakes. On the trip around the lake, you will walk through the woods Jyderup, Bjergsted, Astrup, Regstrup and Delhoved. The trail also goes through a hilly area with beautiful views of the lake. There are three small islands on the west side of the lake. 

Map of the walking trip around Skarresø

Click here to see the map of the walking trip around Skarresø. 

Animal life at the lake Skarresø

There are lots of animals and especially lots of birds at the lake Skarresø. In the southern part of the lake, you will be really close to its shores and experience a beautiful view of the lake and its bird life. You can be lucky to see sea agles. More than 144 bird species have been spotted at the lake. 

Angling at Skarresø

Skarresø has lots of different fish, so it is a popular place for anglers. However, it is only permitted to go fishing in the North East park of the lake. The average depth of the lake is 2.6 meters, så it is ideal for both beginners and practiced anglers. Remember to get the Danish fishing card.

The swamp at Skarresø

A part of the trip around the lake, crosses a swamp with trees that can survive with their roots in water.