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A Walk on Arrenæs - A Unique Nature Experience

If you haven't taken a walk on Arrenæs, a part of the Halsninoen hiking trail, this is the journey where you'll surely be surprised by the variety the 5.3 km walk can offer. The walk offers views from the heights overlooking lake Arresø with glimpses of Ramløse, Vinderød, and Annisse.

Start at the End of Kappelhøjvej

This hike begins at the square at the end of Kappelhøjvej in Frederiksværk. In other words, you turn right where the road enters Sonnerup Skov and head towards the edge of the forest down to the lake, and park where the small side road ends at the picnic area.

Follow the Halsninoen Signs

You head towards Arresø and quickly encounter the signs for the Halsninoen hiking route, which you should follow for the next 3 km.

The route follows the forest edge and the lake's shore, offering an opportunity for a pleasant break at the Sonnerup Skov Grill Area and Pier. There's also a bridge where you can get a great view of the lake. Please note that swimming in the lake is not allowed.

A Fantastic View from Sonneruphøjene on Dragebjerg

You continue into the forest Sonnerup Skov, and when you reach the settlement, follow the Halsninoen signs to the right. Soon, the path ascends, and you'll sense that there must be a beautiful view ahead. Keep an eye out; suddenly, the signs point to the right, and here's your reward: the most magnificent view over Arresø, you're surprisingly high up. You've reached the Sonneruphøjene on Dragebjerg! The group of Bronze Age burial mounds has been excavated over a longer period, and both artifacts and human bones have been found. You'll find more information on-site.

You continue over the slope, it goes uphill again, and then you're on the green fields. Cows often graze here; they are friendly, but if you have a dog with you, it's a good idea to keep the leash short for the safety of both parties.

Now, Leave Halsninoen

Follow the Halsninoen signs until you reach the gravel road Ravnsbakkevej. You'll recognize the place because there's a picnic table by the roadside. Here, you leave Halsninoen. Turn left and follow Ravnsbakkevej. Now, you're treated to another splendid view over the northern part of Arresø.

Upon reaching the settlement, turn left and go around the farm on the outer edge. The road turns into a path, and you'll briefly be on the same route as on the outward journey.

On the Way Back to the Starting Point

At the forester's house, do not turn towards the lake but continue straight through the forest on Kappelhøjvej. If you're on the walk during the anemone season, this is a perfect spot, right here!

Sonnerup Skov ends at the riding tracks, and here, you turn left, heading towards the lake, and you'll soon arrive at the small parking lot.

  • Tip: If you're using public transportation, you can start the walk at Kregme Church and walk along the lake.

Facts About the Route "A Walk on Arrenæs - A Unique Nature Experience"

Surface: Gravel, may have loose stones. Over the fields, you can expect some mud in wet periods, and near the lake, it can be a bit damp. There are some elevation changes along the way, so a pair of good hiking shoes that support your arch and ankle will be helpful.

  • Length: The route is 5.3 km long.
  • The walk is suitable for children, adults, and dogs on a leash.
  • Signage: Most of the route is marked with Halsninoen signs.
  • Map: Download a map of the route.
  • Toilets: There are no toilets along the way.
  • Weather conditions: The walk is enjoyable year-round, but the best experience is on a calm day.
  • Season: The walk can be done year-round. If you're going on a cold day, consider bringing some firewood and lighting a fire at the Sonnerup Skov Grill Area.