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West Coast Sportfishing - Guide

Experience the West Jutland nature with West Coast Sportsfishing. At West Coast Sportfishing you have the opportunity to be guided through unforgettable and fantastic fishing experiences on the West Jutland coast.

At West Coast Sportfishing you have the opportunity to be guided through adventurous experiences in the West Jutland nature.

West Jutland is a revelation of fishing opportunities.

At West Coast Sportfishing, children, young people and adults alike have the opportunity to have a scenic good experience with a fishing rod in hand.

The adventure on the fjord, in the lakes, in the streams and by the coast you can either completely unwind or feel the excitement. Whether it's for fjord pike and perch, a Put And Take trip for trout or fishing on the coast for turbot. Then we are here to help you and teach you how to catch the fish!

West Coast Sportfishing guides speak Danish, English, and German.

West Coast Sportfishing tours and courses are adaptable to your experience level. West Coast Sportfishing are able to plan the days according to your needs, in case you have specific requests. All the required equipment is available to you, if you don’t bring your own.

West Coast Sportfishing offer guided tours for the following species:

  • Pike
  • Perch
  • Salmon (Rivers)
  • Trout (Put & Take)
  • Brook and Sea Trout (Rivers and coastline)
  • Turbot
  • Flounder, Dabs, and Plaice
  • Herring and Garfish
  • Mackerel
  • Crab (Kids’ trip)