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Whale Watching on the Little Belt

Join a Whale Watching Trip on Little Belt and experience the porpoise, Little Belt's very own small whale.

Whale Watching in Little Belt: Beautiful Nature, Captivating Stories, and Porpoises

Did you know that there are whales in Little Belt?

Little Belt is actually home to the harbor porpoise, one of the smallest whales in existence. However, the chance to experience these porpoises up close is significant, as Little Belt boasts one of the world's densest populations of these small whales.

Join us on a whale watching safari and get up close to the porpoises!

Departures are available from both Middelfart and Fredericia, providing ample opportunity to witness the porpoises frolicking in the waves of the belt.

Below, you can read more about the different vessels offering whale watching safaris in Little Belt:

Whale Watching with MS Marianne - Departures from Fredericia and Middelfart

Join the popular whale watching tours aboard the vessel MS Marianne. On these trips, you'll get up close to the porpoises, learn about their way of life, and hear stories about porpoise hunting in Little Belt. Along the way, you can also sit back and enjoy the beautiful nature along the scenic coastline of Little Belt.

Feel free to bring a picnic basket or packed lunch on board. You can also book special departures where meals are served during the trip.

Read more about departures and special tours with MS Marianne and book your next adventure here!

Whale Watching with Mira3 - Departures from Middelfart

Embark on the Mira3 and set sail from Middelfart Gammel Havn at the end of Havnegade. On this journey, you can enjoy the stunning nature along Little Belt while keeping an eye out for porpoises.

During the trip, the crew will share insights into porpoise behavior and life in Little Belt, as well as the history of Middelfart's former porpoise hunters.

Read more about departures and special tours with Mira3 and book your next adventure here!

Sailing with Aventura - Departures from Fredericia and Middelfart

Aboard Aventura, you'll find delightful natural experiences and great opportunities to encounter porpoises. Join a trip on the old eel trawler and experience Little Belt from the water.

Aventura offers different types of tours, providing ample opportunities to find a trip that suits your preferences. Aventura also specializes in corporate outings, making it a perfect choice for your next company event on Little Belt.

Read more about departures and special tours with Aventura and book your next adventure here!

Whale Watching - A Family-Friendly Experience

Join one of our Whale Watching tours on Little Belt and witness the porpoises frolicking in their natural habitat. We often have the chance to observe them hunting for fish, such as herring, both individually and in groups. As a group, they can corral the fish towards the surface and then indulge in a feeding frenzy, often joined by seagulls.

The Unique Communication of Porpoises

Like many other whales, porpoises use sounds to locate food, and their sound intensity is among the strongest in the animal kingdom. The high-pitched tone allows porpoises to detect echoes easily. They produce clicking sounds, each lasting a thousandth of a second, but the number of sounds and their intensity are determined by the porpoises themselves.

The porpoise population in Little Belt is one of the largest in the world, with approximately 3,000 porpoises in the belt at any given time of the year.

Facts about the Porpoise, Little Belt's Superstar!

Despite being one of the world's smallest whales, the harbor porpoise can reach a length of about 180 cm and weigh between 60-70 kilograms.

On the Nature Park Little Belt website, you can find much more information about these small whales.

Did you know that it's believed that porpoises can swim up to 10 meters per second? So, be sure to keep a close watch as you try to spot porpoises in Little Belt.

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Porpoise Hunting in Middelfart

In the Middle Ages, Middelfart gained recognition for the murder of nobleman Niels Bugge in 1358 and for King Christian II's stays and voyages across Little Belt before his downfall in 1523. Middelfart was also home to Denmark's only example of professional whale hunting, porpoise hunting, which was practiced from the 16th century until the dissolution of the famous porpoise hunter's guild in 1898.

The last porpoise was captured in Middelfart in the late 19th century. Hunting was briefly resumed during World War II due to a shortage of lamp oil, but porpoise hunting has not been practiced in Little Belt since. Porpoises have been protected in Denmark since 1967.

Respect the Porpoises When Sailing in Little Belt

When sailing in the Nature Park Little Belt, it's important to be mindful of the belt's biodiversity. You can learn more about how to protect Little Belt's small inhabitants, the special porpoises, in Nature Park Little Belt's code of conduct "Noise and Porpoises."

Find Nature Park Little Belt's code of conduct here!


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