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What's Happening at Royal Stage in Hillerød | Concerts and Events

Royal Stage in North Sealand offers a diverse range of music experiences. The arena hosts world-class concerts whether you love pop, rock, or jazz.


The Place for extraordinary experiences

Get a taste of a world of exceptional events at Royal Stage. As the leading concert venue in North Sealand, we have curated an impressive repertoire of music experiences to suit all preferences. The arena, with seating for up to 3,000 guests and standing room for up to 4,000, creates the perfect atmosphere for spectacular live performances.

You'll find something you like, whether you're into pop, rock, jazz, classical music, or electronic music. World-renowned artists have left their mark on our stage with unforgettable performances. Royal Stage has been the epicentre of top-notch musical events, from energetic rock concerts to intimate acoustic shows and grand symphonic performances.

Check out the program and discover what awaits you at Royal Stage in Hillerød.

See what's on the agenda at Royal Stage.