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“The last capmaker in the north” aka Silas Skram sells handmade and bespoke caps and hats from his boutique and workshop on Jaegersborggade, Nørrebro creating a direct, meaningful link between customer and producer. 

Caps with a story to tell…

Walk into the store and you’ll be met by either Silas or his business partner and an array of beautiful handmade caps and hats. You’ll spy the workshop out the back of the shop where they produce the caps daily. Both are approachable craftsmen with an obvious love for what they do. There is a story to be told about each individual product and the high-quality, sustainable materials that are used in their production. Part of what you buy when you buy a Wilgart cap is the personal experience that is created between customer and producer. The store is independent in the true sense of the word and Silas is very willing to share his own genuine (and highly entertaining) experience of how he became a cap maker.

Creating caps through craftsmanship

You can choose from base caps, eight-piece, flat caps or sailor caps and the product range has now been expanded to include leather goods like belts and wallets, (even shaving and beard care and other accessories). However, the caps remain the star and you can see why, from the care and attention that goes into them. All learned during Silas’s original apprenticeship from “master cap maker” Mr Bullman, owner of Bullani Mützen in Bamberg, Germany. This is certainly a true gem of Copenhagen’s craftsmanship scene and if you’re looking for a high-quality cap for life, visit Silas who can explain why it should be a Wilgart.