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The Woman with the Eggs

When strolling along the pedestrian street Kongensgade, you will find the sculpture “The Woman with the Eggs”, standing tall where Kongensgade meets Slotsgade.

The woman dreamed of more, fantasizing about what she could buy with the money she was going to earn when she sold her eggs. First two more hens, then a chicken farm and later a suitor would come along, and she would become a lady. With dreams of being elegant, proud, and wonderful, she held her head extra high - and her eggs and dreams all fell to the ground and shattered.

This sculpture is cast in bronze and was revealed on August 31st 1997.

Fun fact: In Odense Hanne’s last name, Warming, is spelt with a “W”, in Copenhagen Varming is spelt with a “V” (Varming is her legal name).

Hanne Warming (1939 - ) is a Danish sculptor, who started her career working at the Royal Porcelain Factory and later studied under Gottfred Eickhoff and Mogens Bøggild at the Royal Danish Academy for Fine Arts. She is married to the sculptor, Eric Varming. Hanne Warmings sculptures are often portraits, and her Queen Margrethe II can be found on the Danish 10 and 20 kroner coins.