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Workshop in glass art for children with adults

Glass art workshop for children with adults is a unique opportunity for children to unleash their creative side and create their very own glass art.

Workshop in glass art for children accompanied by adults

During the school holidays, the glass workshop Glass4U is open for children, in the company of an adult.
During the workshop the children, supported by one or two adults, can unfold their creative side and learn how to create their own glass art. The workshop is open for children at 10:30 am and again at 1:30 pm.

The children can participate from 5 years, as long as they understand common orders such as stop. Each child can bring two adult supporting the children for free.

The experience includes:

- A guide in the various phases of the glass art process
- Technical assistance for tools and glass options
- 100 g finished glass art
- Coffee, tea and water
- Two adults as assistance can participate for free e.g. parents or grandparents

Practical information:

From 5 - 105 years
- Disability-friendly facilities in the workshop, in the café and the glass shop
- Closed shoes hence avoiding shard glass at your feets
-Maximum number of participants: 12
-Opportunity to enjoy the sandwich both outdoors and indoors


For more information:

For more information visit: Glass art workshop for children with adults

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Tel .: +45 21 12 44 41
Mail: anette@benefit4u.dk 
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