Ravsted Kirke

The church in Ravsted is from the 12th century with a Tower form the 14th century.

The Armery from late middleages has been changed through the years.
The rafters is of speciel intresse, they are numbered in runic letters.
On the altar there is a lategotich altarpiece from 1475 with moveable sides.
The altarpiece has been restored and brought back to it´s original glorie in gold and silver.
The Pulpit is a renaissance work from the year 1605 by the Ringerinckske workshop.

It can be arrenged to veiw the church if you contact Jens Aage Hansen, tlf.: 74647000 - (not monday), ore the priest, Ravsted Hovedgade 62 (74647420).

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Ravsted Kirkevænge 1
6372 Bylderup-Bov


+45 74647000



Longitude : 9.127161
Latitude : 55.009165