Hanne Nehmar, Meetovator and MD of BDP in Copenhagen

Take5: Hanne Nehmar, BDP, on the need for innovative meeting design concepts

Take5: Business Events Denmark meets up with Hanne Nehmar, Managing Director at Best Destination Partner (BDP) in Copenhagen, to get her thoughts on the importance of innovative meeting designs
Monday, April 29, 2013

Business Events DenmarkBDP - Best Destination Partners - in Copenhagen are actively offering their clients packages based on the Danish meeting design concept Meetovation; Why and when did this journey begin?

Hanne: For us the journey began in 2011 when we experienced that Denmark lost business to other destinations. We decided to look at alternative and unique products that were outstanding, yet not necessarily costly, and we were introduced to the Meetovation concept. We decided to learn more about Meetovation and implemented the concept at the annual BDP kick off in 2012. All BDP staff was educated in the principles and subsequently all our 'Meetovators' now use the concept actively. We believe it’s a meeting design concept that our clients can benefit from.

Business Events Denmark: What to you is the truly unique thing about the Danish Meetovation concept?

Hanne: The five Meetovation principles are participant involvement, creative setups, local inspiration, responsible thinking and RoMI (Return on Meeting Investment). To us the uniqueness of Meetovation is the combination of those five principles, which brings the meeting participants out of the static frames of an ordinary conference room, into an involving environment at a local setting, where they can actually experience the destination they are visiting, too. This increases the engagement of the participants which leads to a higher RoMI.

Business Events Denmark: How strong is the demand for new types of meeting designs such as Meetovation amongst BDP's clients? - Do you currently 'push' the usage of new meetings concepts or are your clients asking for it?

Hanne: In general, we experience a strong demand from the clients for different, unique and off the beaten track ideas for their events. When we mention Meetovation, we experience sincere positive response and willingness to learn more. Especially the interests in holding their meeting in a different venue and including extra activities, where the participants experience genuine local spirit are well received.

Business Events Denmark: What is usually the biggest challenge(-s) when trying to convince your clients to 'do things differently' in Denmark and to 'go Meetovation' at their next event?

Hanne: As mentioned we experience great interest in Meetovation and its principles. However, when it comes to the clients’ final decision, the client may choose a more creative venue than the ordinary conference room, but is still reluctant to use, for example, the concept's 'active involvement' element. Here is also to consider the clients’ cultural back ground. The concept is differently interpreted, whether the client is from Scandinavia, France or USA.

Business Events Denmark: As an experienced professional within the Meetings Industry, how would you rate the importance of Denmark being in a lead position in developing innovative meeting concepts? – Does it give you/the destination a competitive advantage?

Hanne: Business Events Denmark’s strategy of using Meetovation as one of its main USPs for Denmark is crucial. In a very competitive world, where some countries benefit from government subsidies and a significantly lower price level, it is imperative for Denmark to stand out, and by using a knowledge-based tool as Meetovation as USP, we trust this is the way to go for Denmark.

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This April, BDP was voted Agency of the Year in Denmark at the Danish MPI awards ceremony in Copenhagen. The company has also just renewed its sponsorship of the Copenhagen CityBee Association.

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