Rainy day in Magstræde

Things to do in Copenhagen on a rainy day

We all prefer blue skies and sunny weather for our vacation, but we'll be honest with you; rainy days do occur in Copenhagen. But even if you happen to catch Copenhagen on a wet day, there’s still plenty to do while seeking cover from the drizzle.

Rainy day in Magstræde

Capture the perfect puddle reflection photos

Just because it rains in Copenhagen, it does not mean that you have to stay indoors. Why not take advantage of the situation as well as the fact that you will have the streets to yourself? Grab your camera and head to the old streets of Magstræde and Snaregade in city center. The colourful buildings brighten up even the rainiest of days and the cobbled stones lend themselves to great big puddles. These streets are true #puddlegram hot spots!