Ghosttour in Copenhagen

7 of the most haunted castles in Denmark

Photo: Ghosttour PR Photo

We'll come right out with it - you're going to need nerves of steel if you're going on a tour of Denmark's castles in search of spooks. From poltergeists and grey ladies to headless knights and separated lovers, we've got the full rundown of ghosts with the most right here.


Voergaard Slot
Photo: Brønderslev Ervherv & Turisme

Denmark's wildest ghost at Voergaard Castle

At the beautiful Renaissance cstle Voergaard Castle in North Jutland, there is, among other things, a very special ghost. Its former owner Ingeborg Skeel was a bit of a tyrant when she ruled the castle at the end of the 16th century, and there are many indications that she has not been milder after death. Her ghost haunts the castle today, with moans and groans, slamming the doors and blowing out candles.

The ghosts of lovers at Rosenholm Castle

Beautiful Rosenholm Castle on Djursland has a long and dark history. Ever since it was built in 1559, Rosenholm has belonged to the noble Danish Rosenkrantz family, and there are indications that they still wander around the corridors of the castle today. One of the restless souls belongs to a noblewoman who fell in love with the steward. As punishment, she was bricked up inside the wall in the Tower Room - alive - and her head was cut off. According to rumors, at midnight you can see a white-clad lady and a headless knight roaming the grounds - the ghosts of the two unhappy lovers.

Hamlet's castle, Kronborg, in Helsingør
Photo: Daniel Overbeck - VisitNordsjælland

More than Hamlet's father's ghost at Kronborg Castle

Denmark's most famous castle is Kronborg Castle in North Zealand. The magnificent Renaissance castle is the setting for Shakespeare's Hamlet, where the prince of the same name sees a ghost of his father on the ramparts of the castle. According to legend, the mighty knight Holger Danske sleeps in the catacombs under the castle - ready to wake up when Denmark needs him. The castle also has ghosts who light candles in the middle of the night, unlock doors, spy on employees and generally make things go bump in the night.

Rosenborg Castle in King's Garden, Copenhagen.
Photo: Martin Heiberg - Copenhagen Media Center

A ghostly cat at Rosenborg Castle

In the middle of the busy Danish capital, a slightly unusual ghost lurks around. Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen houses more than sparkling crown jewels - at least if you believe the rumors. Christian IV's old pleasure castle is today home to the Royal Life Guard, and a ghostly cat. Yes, you read that right. The cat is said to have belonged to a guard who was killed in a shooting accident, and several of the brave guards have been frightened by the sight of the ghost cat that lurks around after dark.

Egeskov op Funen
Photo: Anita Skoven Jensen/ Destination Fyn

Boo! Watch out for the white lady at Egeskov Castle

The fairytale Egeskov Castle on Funen is Northern Europe's most beautiful Renaissance building, but it is also home to an unfortunate ghost. According to legend, the castle's white lady is the builder Frantz Brockenhuus' daughter, Rigborg, who killed herself due to unrequited love. Today she walks in the corridors of Egeskov Castle, in the same white dress she was wearing when she died.

A restless countess at Gram Castle

Everything is not as peaceful as it looks at Gram Castle in Southern Jutland. When darkness falls, the ghost of Countess Anne Sophie Schack stalks in the majestic 16th-century castle. According to legend, the countess was not particularly nice while she ruled Gram Castle in the 18th century - she slapped and yelled at the servants, and even pushed a maid into the fireplace so she burned to death. Today, the cruel countess wanders restlessly around the castle, perhaps in search of her next victim.

Frederiksborg Slot
Photo: Det Nationalhistoriske Museum Frederiksborg Slot

Royal spirits at Frederiksberg Castle

In the middle of Copenhagen and overlooking the idyllic Frederiksberg Garden, lies Frederiksberg Palace. The Renaissance castle looks beautiful on the outside, but inside it hides dark secrets and restless souls. It is rumoured that King Frederik VI walks again as a ghost - but in the form of a small dog. Doesn't that sound scary, does it? Just be aware that he's not the only ghost in the castle...