Surfer at Klitmøller

Adventure sports in Denmark

Daredevils and adrenaline junkies, this one's for you! Don't let Denmark's peaceful landscapes fool you: this flat and windswept country is made for adventure. Whether you're into mountain biking, kite surfing, kayaking or climbing, there are plenty of places to get your pulse pumping...

Let the extreme sports and adventure begin!

If your idea of a good time is trying something new that takes physical challenges to the limit, we've got a few of those right here, ready to show you just how wild and adventurous Denmark can be. Just think to yourself: what would a Viking do? 


Kriss Kyle vs Denmark

See extreme BMX champ Kriss Kyle make mincemeat of Denmark's most visited attractions - on his bike!

Red Bull BMX Kiss Kyle

Full speed ahead...

Skiing in the heart of the city
Winter bathing
Winter bathers going into the water on a winter morning in Klitmoeller in North Jutland.
Denmark on two wheels
Fahrradfahrer auf dem Dänischen Ostseeradweg in Südjütland
Bridgewalking on the Little Belt bridge in Fyn, Denmark
Wild shelters
Design shelter "Hegnet" at Tåsinge
Sailing holidays
Sail boat in Fyn