Mols Bjerge Djursland

Livestreams of Denmark

Photo: Nationalpark Mols Bjerge

Watch Denmark's nature as it happens, with calm waves washing over its sandy beaches and animals roaming freely. This selection of livestreams and videos plugs you directly into Danish nature at its best.

Eagle TV
The Danish ornithological society, DOF  BirdLife , is currently streaming live from the nest of a majestic white-tailed eagle on Lolland. The nest is filled with three eggs – which one will hatch first, and will you be able to watch it feed, grow and leave the nest from your sofa?
Wild boar on the rampage
For even more wildlife, check out the  live stream from Lille Vildmose  where the wild boar roam. Click 'oplevelsen' then 'live' and put in the passwords Live / Live, and then you have access to five areas to explore.
Klitmøller beach
Watch the waves crash on the beach at Klitmøller and around the coastline near Thy National Park – set up for surfers so they can check if the waves are worth the trek, this West Coast webcam is a relaxing stream of waves, little fishing boats and quiet beaches.
Ribe embankment
Talking of boats, why not take a look at what’s going on right now in Ribe? As Denmark’s oldest city, Ribe has survived plagues, conquests and floods, and it will still be standing after all of this is over. Take a look at its quiet cobbled embankment, river and boat life right here.
The Black Sun
Murmurations of starlings cut beautiful shapes in the air before they roost. If you’re looking for a meditative video to give you a sense of calm, this is the one for you, filmed at the Wadden Sea, where tours of the best black sun sites take place at key points through the year.
Mols Bjerge National Park
This national park in central Jutland is gently hilly and contains more than half of the Danish plant species in its 180 square kilometre bounds. Discover its highlights by drone right here.
Give the seals a wave!
Take a boat trip to see seals in this video from Thy National Park. The commentary is in Danish but don’t worry about that: just lay back like a seal on a sandbank and enjoy the sound of seagulls, the wash of the waves and their delightful little heads popping up out of the water.