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Råbjerg Mile North Jutland

A walk around seven of Denmark's natural wonders

Photo: @indispensablelady

Denmark's natural beauty is a bit of a hidden secret. But it's hidden no longer! Take a walk with us, using Google Street View, and discover the highlights, from white cliffs to dramatic fjords and our outstanding coastline. All that's missing is the wind in your hair...

1. Råbjerg Mile: Take a walk on a moving sand dune

On the west coast of North Jutland you will find the migrating sand dune Råbjerg Mile. It actually moves 18 metres a year, and is the biggest moving sand dune in Northern Europe.

> Find more info about Råbjerg Mile here

2. Hvide Sande: A breath of fresh air on the west coast of Jutland

Hvide Sande is right between the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord, with long and windy beaches. On the North Sea side you can find wild waves great for watersports, while on the fjord side, you can enjoy the calmer water.

> Find more info about nature in Hvide Sande here               

3. Stevns Klint: Cliffs for your World Heritage must-see list

Stevns Klint is a 15 km-long strip of cliffs and chalk rocks around an hour’s drive south of Copenhagen and is a pretty special sight. It’s on the UNESCO World Heritage List because its fossils show the evidence of the meteorite  that crashed into the planet at the end of the Cretaceous Period, and the subsequent recovery of the planet. Not something you’ll see anywhere else in the world…

> Find more info about Stevns Klint here

4. Horsens Fjord: Nature and fresh air

Horsens is the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy a wonderful holiday where you can relax and escape the daily grind. In and around this cozy town on the coast of East Jutland you will find calm fields, lagoons and plenty of bird life along Horsens Fjord.

> Find more info about the Horsens Fjord here

5. Around Kronborg: Take a walk around Hamlet’s castle

Just north of Copenhagen, you can take a lovely walk along a coastal path beside Kronborg Castle. This is the actual castle where Shakespeare set his play Hamlet: watch out for ghosts, murderous uncles and views of Sweden just across the sea as you go.

> Find more info about Kronborg Castle here

6. The Wadden Sea: Wild nature, oysters and more

The Danish part of the Wadden Sea in South Jutland was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014 and is part of the largest unbroken system of sand and mud flats in the world. Don’t just look at the mud – look out for porpoises and seals along with the coastal birdlife as you stroll.

> Find more info about the Wadden Sea National Park here


7. Limfjord: Between the North Sea and Kattegat

This fjord has its largest port at Aalborg and runs from the east to the west coast across the top of Jutland. It has been known as a fjord since Viking times, and today is popular for walking and cycling.

> Find more information about the Limfjord here

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