Town Walking Kerteminde

Starting point for the tour: Tornøes Hotel, Strandgade.

The corner of Langegade / Hindsholmvej: Statue of Frederik Paludan-Müller (1809-1876), a Danish poet. A memorial tablet on the wall of the house at Langegade 2.

Langegade 5-7: Andresen's Merchant Yard, comprises buildings dating from the 16th century right on up to the present day.

Kerteminde Parish Church is situated in the middle of the town square. Rebuilt in its present form in 1476 (late Gothic period), tripple-naved in the manner of a basilica and under one roof. Informational brochures are to be found in the porch, where the Skipper's Pallbearer Society's biers are also on display.

Follow Langegade to Paludan Müllers Plads, then head to the right in the direction of Lillestranden.

Lillestranden or "Little Beach" is an old fishing neighbourhood. Here reticent fishermen still ply their trade.

Fiskergade 83. The merchant E.B. Muus founded the Sailor's Foundation in 1880, ensuring that free lodgings were made available to indigent sailors and their families.

Note the beautiful old doors along Fiskergade. Halfway down the street we find a narrow lane with the ironical name: Avenue des Champs Elysées.

Rebslagergade. This lane's name derives from the fact that ropes were made here.

Vestergade 25. Built in 1694. Originally a merchant's yard, it later became a parsonage and then a brewery. From 1950 onwards, it was the regional headquarters of the Home Guard. In 1730, the parson was poisoned to death by his wife and her lover. The murderers were put to death and their bodies were then broken to the wheel.

Muusgården (a merchant's yard) was built in the 1820's and was retailing right up to the middle of the 1970's. "Skænkestuen", a pub reminiscent of a bygone era, is accessible from the courtyard.

Langegade 8. "Farvergården", a half-timbered house, was - as the inscription reads - built in 1630. Used to be a dye works. Nowadays, the building houses the regional museum.

Høkeren (The Peddlar) in Trollegade is a museum shop. On crossing the treshold, one is transported back in time to the beginning of the 20. century.

Langegade 31. Within the walls of this attractive building, we today find a bank. The inscription states: "A house that does not fear God will soon be deserted. 1690".

On the opposite side of the street, the town well beckons.

Langegade 37. The building is raised as a school in 1805, but has served as the chemist's since 1920.
The inscription reads: Learning, dedication, medicine.

Cross the road and take a look at Langegade 44C from 1780.

Langegade 50. A merchant's yard from 1883, was the home of the celebrated painter Johannes Larsen.

Langegade 54. Note the antique door, dating back to 1796.

The gap in the row of houses at the end of Langegade was caused by the railroad, which ceased operation in 1966.

Statue of John Christmas Møller, a Danish conservative politician, who fled to England in 1942.

The home of the painter Johannes Larsen is today a museum. The villa was built in 1901. Svanemøllen (Swan Mill) was built in 1852 and is the only remaining windmill out of the 3 that once stood on Møllebakken (Mill Hill).

The Fjord- and Beltcenter in the middle of the harbour houses underwaterobservatory and exhibitions. The porpoises and the seals are fed several times a day.

As you cross the bridge (Langebro) look to your right to see the statue Amanda, sculpted in 1954 by Robert Lund-Jensen.

Dosseringen. Varmestuen Restaurant was formerly a smokehouse.

Next to the restaurant Rudolf Mathis, serving fish specialities, there is a wharf, where old sailboats are moored, among them "Rylen", a restored belt boat used by the painter Johannes Larsen and author Achton Friis for their expeditions to "The Islands of the Danes".

This is Funen's largest fishing port. A large amount of fish pass through the Kerteminde auction hall by the harbour.

Strandgade 3. Toldboden (Customs House) is a quaint stone house from 1590. Alterations were made in 1735. Art and museum exhibits are held there. No charge for admission.

Strandgade 2. Tornøes Hotel, in business as a hotel since 1860, marks the end of the tour.

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