Roskilde Festival

Events 2021 - July through September

Hot happenings in Denmark - here are all of the things you should experience

Couple in front of Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival

Dates: TBD 2021. Roskilde Festival is the largest music and culture event in Northern Europe. Launched in 1971, Roskilde Festival has grown steadily in popularity and size. The festival now attracts some 80,000 people annually from all over the world who come to enjoy a diverse mix of music, arts – and camping, just outside Denmark’s first capital city, Roskilde.

Family holiday at Saltum beach, North Jutland

Wool Festival Saltum

Dates: 14.08.2021-15.08.2021. The biggest annual wool festival in Scandinavia, Wool Festival Saltum takes place during the second weekend in May. The Festival provides a showcase of the best wool and wool crafts and is all about creativity and design with beautiful quality, amazing colours and skilled craftsmanship. Place: Saltum.

Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival

Dates: 20.08.2021-29.08.2021. Look forward to one of the biggest food festivals in Northern Europe and an opensource festival that profiles Danish gastronomy by paying homage to the food culture, the Nordic cuisine and key players on the gastronomic stage. 

Hvide Sande

WATERZ Festival

Dates: 03.09.2021 - 05.09.2021. WATERZ is a showcase to the world of the magnificent and unique nature, where Scandinavia's biggest water sports festival will take place – lots of activities and competitions for everyone. Hvide Sande is the hot spot for the world’s elite, and a wide range of water sports contestants who will give the audience an extraordinary experience. The program contains an IFCA World Championship and many other events on the water.