Cycling in Denmark

Frederiksborg Castle North Zealand

Make like a local and explore Denmark by bike! Explore our wonderful countryside, peaceful coastal paths, not to mention city routes in Copenhagen, one of the best biking cities in the world. Cycling checks all the boxes: local, sustainable and above all fun!

Just another bike ride in Denmark ?

One of the world's best BMX riders, Kriss Kyle, rode all over our biggest natural and man-made wonders this summer. Luckily a film crew was following him around, so now you can see Denmark as you've never seen it before!

See Kriss make a splash!

Photo: Esben Zøllner Olesen/Red Bull Media House

10 reasons to cycle in Denmark

We've listed all the reasons why Denmark and cycling go together like coffee and pastries.

Denmark’s seven greatest cycling routes

Pedal like a pro on one of our seven national cycling routes!

Cycling the Baltic Sea Cycle Route: 820km of hygge on two wheels

Feel up for a challenge? How about pedaling along Denmark's longest cycling route?

Cycling, the Danish way

Cycling in Denmark is truly a shared experience - not just a mode of transport or a way to reach your destination, but a chance to make time for each other, to discover new places and meet new people. 

Cycling Denmark

Photo: Niclas Jessen

Follow the Tour de France route - in Denmark!

In 2021, the Tour de France will start in Copenhagen, with stages across Denmark before it hits France. Watch two local cyclists take on the challenges of the route below, which you can try yourself too.

Stage 1

Photo: Martin Heiberg

Stage 2

Photo: Roskilde Museum

Stage 3

Photo: Anders Sune Berg

Be inspired by others to explore Denmark by bike

Here are a few tips about cycling in Denmark