Snowball fight


The exercise creates energy and is a good way for participants to reflect on their own learning - before, during or after the meeting. When you encourage participants to reflect, you get more out of your meeting and it becomes clearer to the participants what they actually learned.


The exercise is about throwing snowballs made of paper and answering questions.

Ready – set – go!

Every participant receives three pieces of A4 paper and a pen. On each piece of paper they write a question and crumple it into a paper, a snowball. When everyone is ready with their snowballs you count down from three and the participants throw their snowballs into the air. Let the participants continue to throw the snowballs for ½ to a whole minute – it creates laughter and energy.

Depending on when in your agenda the exercise is scheduled the questions could be:
At the beginning of the meeting: What do you expect to get out of the meeting?
During the meeting: Where are your challenges in relation to the subject?
After the meeting: What will you take home with you?


After the snowball fight participants pair up. They will take turns picking up a snowball and asking each other the question written on the paper.

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Ideal group size

20-500 participants


Approximately 15 minutes


Paper and pen

Tips & tricks

If you want to add your own questions to those of the participants', you can make some snowballs in advance and throw them into the crowd during the snowball fight.

How do I use the exercise for celebrations?

The exercise can be used to evaluate your reasons to celebrate. A question could be how everyone, as a company or as an individual employee, could create even better results next year.