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The neighborhood of Østerbro in Copenhagen is known to be classy and somewhat posh, yet relaxed and completely down to earth. For families with kids it's one of Copenhagen's most attractive neighborhoods. Østerbro is home to cool designer shops, broad boulevards, the largest public park in Denmark, the little Mermaid, and Denmark's only restaurant with three Michelin stars: Geranium. We asked Camilla Stemann Jensen, an Østerbro local, to share some of her best tips for exploring Østerbro.


Post office in Copenhagen, Denmark

"The architecture of Østerbro is very flashy and sumptuous. The buildings are enormous and adorned with nice details such as French balconies, beautiful ornaments and turquoise towers of corroded copper. It is easy to see that the residents of this area have had more money to deal with than the average in Copenhagen. This amazing building is the local post office – how cool is that?"

#Openfacedsandwich and #Olufsis

Open faced sandwich

"Østerbro has, like any neighborhood in Copenhagen, many great places to eat. Right now my favorite is the newly opened café and restaurant Souls at Melchiors Place. They serve the most delicious healthy food and I can really recommend their sweet potato salad and chocolate cake. Other Østerbro must-eats are cakes from Leckerbaer and amazing Italian popsicles from Olufs Is (Oluf's Ice cream). This picture is from La Esquina at Ryesgade – I love their open faced sandwich with rye bread and crab salad."

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@Copenhagenbyme is run by Camilla Stemann Jensen, a Danish blogger who works at Yelp and lives on Østerbro, Copenhagen. Camilla has dedicated her waking hours to the city and is additionally a (waffle) foodie, social media geek, Francophile, and a local design lover.

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