Denmark Instagrammed: Sydhavnen

Sydhavnen has always had its own personality. Founded around the old docking and harbor area in Copenhagen, Sydhavnen has traditionally had strong connections with the working class. Now, the area is undergoing a transition and has attracted a young and more creative crowd, which wants to be close to the nature and the water. Sydhavnen is one of Copenhagen’s most well kept secrets in terms of architectural wonders and diversity. We have asked Søren Thuesen, a Sydhavnen local, to share his thoughts and best shots from his favorite neighborhood.

Being close to #nature


"I love to ride my bike around Valbyparken, especially around sunset since the park provides a panoramic view over the bay area. Valbyparken connects Sydhavnen to the bay and hosts anything from concerts to a number of smaller theme parks, including a rose garden with more than 12.000 plants, as well as the largest natural playground in Denmark. The park itself is the largest in Copenhagen and runs in a straight line from the old part of Sydhavnen."

Amsterdam in Copenhagen #sluseholmen


"In the new part of Sydhavnen you’ll find a lot of unique modern architecture – the area that stands out the most is the Amsterdam-inspired Sluseholmen. Surrounded by canals all houses are designed in different styles and colors that add to an inspirational explore."

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@s1000 is a Copenhagen-based photographer and digital designer who loves to spend time exploring the city and especially his own neighborhood, Sydhavnen.

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