Bikes in front of colourful houses on Østerbro, Copenhagen

The 9 brightest and most colourful streets in Copenhagen

Photo: Martin Heiberg - Copenhagen Media Center

You've most likely seen a photo of the vibrant Nyhavn in Copenhagen. But did you know that we have colourful spots dotted all over the city? Here are nine of our capital's brightest streets, ready to make your instagram pop!


This is an oldie, but a goodie! And we mean oldie in the most literal sense, because Magstræde and its neighbouring street Snaregade are two of the oldest (and most colourful) streets in Copenhagen - they date back to the 16th century. But they get even prettier as time goes by.

Photo: @naty.smithx
An alley next to the popular street, Magstræde, in Copenhagen.
Photo: @robbyrobsray
"Magstræde has so much more to show than just the main street, take also a look at the beautiful backstreets ✨❤️" - @robbyrobsray


If you ask any local about where the most colourful street is in the neighbourhood of Østerbro, they will most definitely point you in the direction of Olufsvej. This cosy little side street is sandwiched between the city's biggest park, Fælledparken, and the neighbourhood's main shopping street, Østerbrogade. So you'll have plenty of opportunity to fill your bags, or go for stroll in the park - and if you have a sweet tooth you should pop by the ice-cream shop Olufs at the end of the street.

"Figuring out all the Pantone colour names of these colourful houses. ?️" - @cloudstotablePhoto:@cloudstotable


A walk around Christianshavn is surely not to be missed. This neighbourhood has a history as colourful as its buildings. And it's on an understatement to say that you'll want to snap a photo on practically every corner, because this area is always camera ready.

As you walk around the cobbled stone streets and along the canals packed with crooked colourful houses that'll brighten up any grey day, you should make a stop in Sofiegade which has a house so eye-catching that it'd make even Wes Anderson jealous.

Photo: @mydenmarkdiaries
"Absolutely one of the best instagrammable spots in Copenhagen ? In love with this building ?" - @mydenmarkdiaries
Photo: Mathias Brandt


Just off the main shopping streets in the city centre, you'll find the little square Gråbrødretorv. This quiet oasis is surrounded by bright yellow, orange and red houses that create a warm atmosphere for those enjoying a meal at one of the cosy cafes. Classic colourful houses of Copenhagen. 

The buildings at Gråbrødretorv in Copenhagen are known for their orange hue.



Despite being located in the heart of the city, the picturesque street Krusemyntegade is not typically one you come across unless you're determined to pop by for a vibrant photo op. But after you've marvelled at our crown jewels at Rosenborg Castle and watched some great works of art at our National Gallery, this street is an easy add-on to your itinerary.

Photo: @michelleszeyee
Rosenborg Castle in King's Garden, Copenhagen.
Photo: Martin Heiberg - Copenhagen Media Center


Nyboder is a block of old naval barracks dating back to the 17th century. These houses are known for their facades which has a particular hue of yellow, often referred to as "Nyboder yellow" by us Danes. While you're in the area, you can explore the ramparts at the Citadel and say hello to the Little Mermaid which are just a short walk from Nyboder.

Photo:Daniel Rasmussen - Copenhagen Media Center

Sankt Hans Gade

If you go for a stroll around the lakes in Copenhagen, be sure to make a little detour to No. 30 Sankt Hans Gade and do your best dreamy pose in front of the creatively painted house. And while you're in this part of Nørrebro, you might as well check out the vintage shops and restaurants just around the corner in Ryesgade or at Sankt Hans Torv.

Photo: @curiousdogsees & @zenobeebee
"Sitting amongst the pastel clouds ☁️ watching life go by is definitely recommended in Copenhagen!" - @curiousdogsees
Abendstimmung an den Seen in der Kopenhagener Innenstadt
Photo: Malthe Zimakoff - Copenhagen Media Center

The pink Palads

Okay, so Palads Teatret (or simply just Palads) isn't exactly a street, it's a cinema dating back more than a 100 years. But this building was simply too flamboyant to be left out of this list - and Instagram certainly seems to have a soft spot for this pink palace too. Yet, it's probably safe to say that this cinema has been painted with as many colours as there are opinions about its exterior. So why not pop by and decide for yourself?

Rainy day in Magstræde

Photo:Thomas Høyrup Christensen - Copenhagen Media Center

Urban Rigger

Let us introduce you to the newest colourful housing district, Urban Rigger. It's a futuristic housing community that floats (yes floats!) in the harbour by the hip Refshaleøen. And you can't miss spotting the blue and green colours of Urban Rigger while you're snacking your way through the mouth-watering stalls at Reffen street food market.

Urban Rigger is a floating student housing designed by Bjarke Ingels.

Photo:Daniel Rasmussen - Copenhagen Media Center