Løkken, North Jutland

Venture into the wild and wonder-filled North of Denmark

Where is North Jutland?

Reaching up into the sea towards the rest of Scandinavia, North Jutland is distinctly wild and remote. FUN FACT! The region is surprisingly an island, separated from mainland Denmark by the picturesque Limfjord. You should plan a tour here! Either by campervan, bike or car… depending on your energy levels.

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The peculiar wonders of Denmark’s sand-swept North

Deserts? Buried monuments? In Denmark?! It’s hard to believe, we know, but in this dynamic region of shifting sand, you can uncover some of Europe’s most spectacular hidden landmarks.

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Why you should head to Denmark's wild North

We've gathered the biggest attractions and the most unique sights in this dynamic region to entice you here!

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Through the local lens of @christian_faber_fotos

Born and raised in the North of Denmark, Christian Faber is inspired by the diverse natural landscapes of his home. Get a feel for the North Jutland region with Christian.

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Where the Danes holiday

We love Skagen! Slow sunsets over creamy yellow cottages. A light that’s inspired artists throughout the centuries. And most uniquely of all, the seaside town of Skagen is one of the only places in the world where you can physically see two seas collide.

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