Cheap restaurants Denmark

Eating on a budget: Cheap restaurants in Denmark

Denmark is packed full of all kinds of restaurants for all price ranges. Use our restaurant search to the right to find great food at great prices or read on to get ideas for ways to eat cheap in Denmark, including Copenhagen's street food market, Copenhagen Street Food.

Picnic Kings Garden

Eating on a budget: Pack a picnic

If you want to save on your food budget, we recommend you buy your food and drinks in local shops or supermarkets. And if the weather permits, you could go for a picnic in green surroundings. Several attractions even offer designated picnic areas, often covered, where you can enjoy your food.

Copenhagen Street Food

Cheap restaurants in Denmark

Denmark has a reputation as an expensive place to eat. Though you can find many fine-dining restaurants in Denmark, you'll find that cities like Copenhagen and Aarhus are some of Scandinavia's best for restaurant choices. It's easy to head out from your hotel and find good, cheap restaurants. You just need to look!

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The famous smørrebrød

Danish open sandwiches, smørrebrød, can be a great cheap-eat option for lunch in Denmark. Get to know this Danish treat with our smørrebrød app.

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