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How to travel like a local in Denmark

Don't be a stranger on your next visit! People all over Denmark are ready to invite you into their homes. They’re ready to cook Danish food with you, to drive you between Danish cities and to take you to their favourite local places. Read on to find ways you can travel like a local in Denmark and to find the Danes that will help make your time in Denmark unique and unforgettable.

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Travel like a local: Sharing economy in Denmark

It’s an exciting time to be exploring the world! Thanks to the rise in the sharing economy and the popularity of peer-to-peer sites like Airbnb and GoMore, it’s easier than ever to really travel like a local in Denmark. You can meet Danes and learn to cook Danish food with them. You can see the best-kept secret places around Denmark with an ordinary Dane as your local guide. And you can of course live like the locals at Airbnb apartments and other room-sharing accommodation around Denmark.

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Airbnb: A slice of everyday Denmark

There are Airbnb apartments, summer houses and rooms available all year round in Denmark. Many Airbnb hosts go the extra mile to make sure that you're not just staying in their home, but you're also experiencing their local area and their way of life while you're here in Denmark. So if you're a fan of Danish interior design, this is a great way to live in it! Copenhagen in particular has a wealth of Airbnb apartments in its most popular neighbourhoods, so you can leave the city centre and explore the areas of Copenhagen that most Danes live in.

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