Meetovation is a meeting design concept that increases learning, boosts energy and creates high return on meeting investment.

Aarhus harbour, Photo: Photopop

What is Meetovation?

Your meeting has to provide valuable experiences. Participants should go home thinking ‘that is of use to me!’. Only then will your meeting create real value.

Østergro, meeting in Copenhagen, Photo: Martin Heiberg

5 Meetovation Elements

There are 5 elements in Meetovation - each one important to keep in mind when designing your meeting.

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Meetovation cases

Hear what organizers have to say about business events they have organized in Denmark and how they reached their meeting goals.

Aarhus, Foreverbridge Photo: Kim Wyon

Learn about ROI on meetings

You cannot just feel whether a meeting has been worth the investment. You need to be able to measure it.