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Pia Rathsach GoGreenDanmark

5 easy ways to green up your holiday

Photo: Frida Gregersen

Want to go green in Denmark? There's an app for that. We asked Pia Rathsach, the founder and CEO of GoGreen Danmark, an app that helps you shop sustainably, for her best tips on experiencing the greener side of the street when you're visiting Denmark. 

Ice Cream
Photo: Daniel Villadsen,

The GoGreen Guide App

Let's start with the GoGreen app! It's a pathfinder to nature experiences, organic eateries, boutiques offering sustainable fashion (and souvenirs), secondhand stores and farm shops in Denmark. The app isn’t quite nationwide yet but that’s one of our future goals – one city at a time. Currently, it covers Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Roskilde.

Photo: Copenhagen Media Center

Try cycling in Denmark

Cycling is great way to get acquainted with how cities and nature are connected, like pearls on a string. And I especially love that you can take your bike with you on the train. Most large cities in Denmark also provide bike rentals – even electric bikes, where you really can get out and about without getting too exhausted.

Fähre nach Svenborg auf Fünen an der Dänischen Ostsee
Photo: Michael Fiukowski & Sarah Moritz

Island hopping

I adore the nature and ambience on the little Danish islands. The easiest way to get around is with the ‘Ø-pas’, which is a form of island pass. It’s old fashioned but you can scan and access information about all the different islands through QR-codes as you go along


Know your 'bro in Copenhagen

This is a free, digital guide of walking routes taking you to the old bridge quarters in Copenhagen. The guide leads you through small alleys and hidden gems – it's a great way to get to know Copenhagen in a new way. At Nørrebro, you can also find a quiz for kids that tells green and sustainable stories in a fun and playful way.

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen - Copenhagen Media Center

Recharge yourself

Ironically enough, as a tech person I see the value of switching off, disconnecting and just being in the moment. All of Denmark's cities have the most beautiful nature within easy reach, and in the end, that’s a great route to restoring and renewing your own energy.


Let's go green together...

Direct to your smartphone (if you want), these are some more ways to go green in Denmark.

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