Cherry blossoms at Bispebjerg Cemetery in Copenhagen

Spring into Denmark

Photo: Malthe Zimakoff - Copenhagen Media Center

We can feel it in the air. Birds tweeting in the morning, sun streaming through the windows (ahem, sometimes) and flowers popping up all over. One less layer to wear. It can only mean one thing, spring has sprung. 

Our spring favourites

Nothing beats the feeling of the days getting longer and the weather growing warmer. Here in Denmark we love spring more than most. 

If you're planning a spring break to Denmark, as you should be, take a look at the weather and plan ahead. Typical spring weather in Denmark can be wintry, with highs of 5.5°C in March, and border on summery, with a high of 15.5°C in May. Rain is common all year round, but don't let that dampen your spirits simply prepare for the charming unpredictability of Danish weather!

Denmark is great to visit in spring and we've picked out some of our favourite things (and hopefully soon yours too!) to see and do this month. 

Cherry blossom

Nothing says spring quite like the bright pink burst of a cherry blossom. Denmark is a great place to see it! One of our top Instagram spots is Bispebjerg Kirkegård in Copenhagen. Here, tree lined avenues are completely transformed by pink cherry blossom branches forming a tunnel over your head.

Elsewhere in Copenhagen there is Langelinie Park which has an annual Sakura Festival, and also the Botanical Gardens in the heart of the city. Outside Copenhagen, Fredens Torv in Aarhus is another blossom hot-spot.

One of Thomas Dambo's hidden giants, Lille Tilde, in Vallensbæk Mose near Copenhagen

Photo:© Lille Tilde by Thomas Dambo. Photo: Abdellah Ihadian

Get outside…and hunt for giants

As soon as the skies clear, we Danes take advantage and get out for some fresh air.

If you’re planning a trip to our capital, why not rent a car and make a day of hunting for our mountainous friends? Six wooden giants made from recycled materials by artist Thomas Dambo can be found skulking around the suburbs of Copenhagen. A perfect trip for kids (and adults) with a healthy sense of adventure.

Did you know Denmark is the true land of the trolls? If you get a taste for the magical, check out our guide to troll hunting in Denmark. 

Photo:Martin Heiberg - Copenhagen Media Center

It's theme park time!

Tivoli Gardens gets dressed up for Easter and will be reopening its doors on the 8th of April. With the days growing longer, you get even more time to sit outside and relax in the serene gardens, or on hair raising rides, right in the heart of Copenhagen. Its reopening after the winter is always a high point on Copenhageners' calendars.

Just 10 kilometers north of Copenhagen, Bakken, the world's oldest amusement park, opens on the same day! You're spoilt for choice. Here you can experience 32 rides for all ages, including a wooden rollercoaster dating all the way back to 1932. The atmospheric, fairy-tale woods that surround the deer park are also worth a visit. 

Dark Sky, Møns Klint

Photo:astrorms/Ruslan Merzlyakov

Dark Sky Week is back

Ready to kick back and get your head in the stars? During International Dark Sky Week, which runs from the 2nd - 8th April, we are all encouraged to turn off our lights and enjoy the stars.

We think Kongsbjerg Dark Sky Star Spot is the perfect spot to soak it all in. The starry skies over Møn and Nyord are already protected from local light pollution, and they offer the clearest views of the Milky Way and a shooting star or two.