One of Thomas Dambo's hidden giants, Lille Tilde, in Vallensbæk Mose near Copenhagen

Troll hunting in Denmark

Photo: © Lille Tilde by Thomas Dambo. Photo: Abdellah Ihadian

Welcome to the land of the trolls! Yes, those spiky-haired little creatures really do originate in Denmark (and not in Norway as you might have heard).

The Good Luck Troll was created by Thomas Dam in the 1930s and has been a symbol of happiness in the country ever since. It’s the inspiration behind the Trolls and Trolls World Tour films. Why not join us in a tour of the best places in Denmark to spot them?

Where the trolls live

Let’s take a tour of the best troll-spotting locations in Denmark.

A good luck troll with black hair

The Troll Museum

North Jutland’s Troll Museum is the Home of the good luck troll, and tells the story of how Thomas Dam created them back in the 1930s. Housed in the old troll factory at Gjøl, this is a fun museum where you can see plenty of examples of these magical characters through the ages.  

Troldskoven troll forest in Tisvildelej North Zealand
Photo: Daniel Overbeck / VisitNordsjælland

The Troll Forest

If there’s anywhere you’re likely to see a troll in the wild, it’s here in the Troll Forest near Tisvildeleje in North Zealand. Twisted trees bend and curve around forest paths, and date back to the last years of the 18th century. The strange formations are due to a combination of the wind and the effect of pine worm larvae, and have been protected for over a hundred years. Just bring your imagination.

The Hirschsprung Collection in Copenhagen
Photo: Jakob Hunosøe - Den Hirschsprungske Samling

Sindre the Troll, by Johan Thomas Lundby

There’s a delightful picture of a troll sat outside his cave in the Hirschsprung Collection in Copenhagen. It’s included as part of a trail during the Christmas period – children can search for the troll with his red hat through the gallery and typically get a small gift when they find its hiding place.

Cliffs near Hammer Harbour Bornholm
Photo: Mette Johnsen

Krølle Bølle

The local troll on Bornholm is called Krølle Bølle and he lives in Sandvig in the north of the island. If you’re out late, you might see him – he tends to come out at midnight and he’s about the size of an eight year old, with a red hat on.

A child dressed as a christmas elf
Photo: Etly Klarborg

Etly Klarborg Gammelbo

Trolls, gnomes and pixies thrive here at Etly Klarborg Gammelbo near Aalborg in North Jutland. It’s the location where some popular Danish troll and pixie figurines are made, and you can see art exhibitions on the same theme here too. Every Sunday in Advent, you can take a walk here to discover the ‘Nisse’, Denmark’s Christmas Pixies, who hide in the woods.

One of Thomas Dambo's hidden giants, Lille Tilde, in Vallensbæk Mose near Copenhagen
Photo: © Lille Tilde by Thomas Dambo. Photo: Abdellah Ihadian

The Six Forgotten Giants

These giant sculptures of wood-dwelling peoples - also by Thomas Dambo - put us in mind of trolls. Scattered around lush forests, meadows and by calm waters in suburbia Copenhagen, you'll meet the tall, quirky-looking wooden sculptures which are pretty far from your typical tourist attraction. Perfect for families who want to go beyond the usual touristy sights and attractions to enjoy nature and a special treasure hunt feeling. 


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