Go under ground at the cisterns in Copenhagen

Haunted Denmark

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen - Copenhagen Media Center

It's time to get your freak on. Join us on a tour of Denmark's spookiest sights, its most haunted houses and its creepiest abandoned theme parks. Perfect for Halloween and any other time of year when you want a side order of chills to go with your thrills. 


What the devil? The Witch Hunt Museum

The best known Danish witch Maren Spliids came from Ribe - where this museum is located. It's all about superstitions and persecution, and the fates of those who were said to have served the devil. 

Go under ground at the cisterns in Copenhagen
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen - Copenhagen Media Center

Join us in the underworld: The Cisterns

Built between 1856 and 1859, the cisterns in Frederiksberg were once used as water reservoirs before being left, forgotten, under the city for decades. They were opened to the public a few years ago and have since served as a dark, wet and cold backdrop for extrasensory art experiences. Immerse yourself in the underworld here in the truest sense of the word...

Halloween im Tivoli
Photo: Anders Bøgild - Tivoli Gardens

Chills and thrills: Halloween at Tivoli

For a few weeks in October and November, the popular amusement park turns into a true paradise for zombies, ghosts and other monsters - haunted house included! During the day you can enjoy the autumn decorations with more than 20,000 (!) pumpkins - but you enter the park at your own risk at a later hour when all sorts of things will be going bump in the night...

Samsø labyrinth
Photo: Samsø Erhvervs- og Turistcenter

Will you ever find the way out? Samsø Labyrinth

The world's largest maze is waiting to swallow you up on the island of Samsø. A little bit Harry Potter, this vast labyrinth of creepy dark trees is open through autumn with plenty of dead ends, confusing twists and turns and ways to get lost.

Medical Museion in Copenhagen
Photo: Medicinsk Museion

Under your skin: The Medical Museum

A visit to the Medical Museum is not for the faint-hearted. But if you have a penchant for the grotesque, you've come to the right place! On display, you'll find preserved human organs and body parts, whole fetuses and medical instruments from the days when pain-free operations were just a distant dream. The artifacts from the extensive collection, some of which date back to the 17th century, will make you shudder to your core.


The abandoned theme park: Fun Time Fyn

What could be creepier than an old abandoned theme park, a place once alive with the laughter of children and now strangely silent. Fun Park Fyn, in Aarup, has decaying slides and algae-covered boating lakes and is just the food that dark imaginations crave...


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