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Spend Autumn in Denmark

A toddler exploring the forests near Horsens, Denmark

Why visit Denmark in Autumn?

It's getting colder and darker, so why even bother coming to Denmark once September roll around? We'll let you in on a little secret, Autumn is the season where you can truly experience the main ingredient to our world-famous happy lifestyle: hygge!

Embrace hygge and spend Autumn in Denmark

When September rolls around it is always bittersweet. We've waved goodbye to Summer and the nights are definitely drawing in. But nothing beats that crackle of an open fire, cocoa by candlight and a crisp walk through the forest on an Autumn day. There's only one way to describe it: hygge!

7 of the best things to do in autumn in Denmark

It’s time to get your hygge on. Autumn in Denmark is full of cozy bars and cafes, snuggly warm jumpers and quality experiences. If you’re curious about where to go and what to do when autumn comes to Denmark, read on!

Enjoy autumn like a Dane

From finding the perfect place for a #puddlegram on a rainy day, to experiencing our hauntingly good attractions, or joining one of the many harvest festivals and cultural events, these are some of our favourite things to do in Autumn. Which ones do you want to do?

Things to do in Copenhagen on a rainy day

We hate to break it to you, but it does rain in Copenhagen sometimes. However, we got you covered!

Haunted Denmark

Join us on a tour of Denmark's spookiest sights, its haunted houses and its creepiest theme parks.

The best museums to visit to understand us Danes better

We've handpicked 18 of our favourite museums where you can catch up on our cultural heritage.

Halloween in Tivoli Gardens

In October, Tivoli Gardens turns into a true paradise for zombies, ghosts and other monsters. Once the darkness falls, you enter at your own risk...

Unmissable Autumn events

Looking for a reason to visit Denmark in the autumn? Here are 12 reasons why autumn is the best season to visit.

12 autumn events to attend

Photo: Lars Krucov Detlef

Watch the autumn foliage unfold

When Autumn rolls around, our little kingdom puts on its orange coat and becomes particularly picturesque. Here are some of our favourite pics from you guys (or at least those of you who've visited us during Autumn).