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Odense Munke Swamp

Spend autumn in Denmark

A toddler exploring the forests near Horsens, Denmark

Unmissable autumn events

Looking for a reason to visit Denmark in the autumn? Here are 12 reasons why autumn is the best season to visit.

Watch the autumn foliage unfold

When autumn rolls around, our little kingdom puts on its orange coat and becomes particularly picturesque. Here are some of our favourite pics from you guys (or at least those of you who've visited us during autumn).

Winter is coming...

From the beginning of November, we Danes start to get into the holiday spirit. You can visit one of our many cosy Christmas markets, or if you're ready to party, celebrate New Year's with us!

Christmas market in Odense
Shop at the best Christmas markets in Denmark
Fireworks going off all over central Copenhagen, Denmark, during New Year’s Eve
Spend New Year’s Eve in Denmark
Winter bathers going into the water on a winter morning in Klitmoeller in North Jutland.
Embrace the Danish Winter like the Danes