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Couple cycling near Nysted on Lolland

Denmark’s seven greatest cycling routes

With around 12,000km of national, regional and local cycle routes in Denmark, how do you know where to start? We’ve got you. Here are Denmark’s seven beloved national long-distance routes, all of which make for a great self-guided cycling tour of Denmark.

From cycling up to the furthest reaches of the country at Skagen all along the backbone of Jutland, to crossing the border in a city-to-city route from Berlin to Copenhagen, and gentle island-hopping tours exploring Fyn, there are plenty of bike routes to choose from. Cycling around, across and in Denmark is a pastime enjoyed by many Danes, and now you can join their ranks too!

Any questions from the audience?

Experience has taught us that you might be wondering one of the following things right about now...

When is the best time to cycle around Denmark?

If you ask a Dane, there's no bad time to cycle around Denmark. But you might not agree with us...

The peak season for travel in Denmark is June-end August, when temperatures hit around 22◦C and there can be as many as 19 hours of daylight. Shoulder season (late spring and early autumn) is recommended for cyclists looking for quiet roads but reasonable temperatures. Winter (November-February) can be as cold as -1◦C and feels colder with wind chill.

Can I rent a bike on location?

The short answer is: YES! You don't have to bring your own bike if you'd rather not.

In Copenhagen, touring bikes can be rented from Baisikeli and Copenhagen Bicycles for longer trips outside the city. You can take bikes on trains and metros to reach your start point, or hire a bike in the destination on arrival.

Is it possible to go on a cycling tour?

Yes, there are multiple tour operators offering cycling holidays and tours in Denmark, including MTB Tours who offer mountain bike, multi-country trips and day trips. Cycle groups Rapha and Pas Normal Studios run group day trips that start and end in Copenhagen.

Do you have bike-friendly accommodation?

Yes we do! As bike enthusiasts ourselves, we totally get why you don't want to leave your darling bike outside in the cold.

The Bed + Bike scheme is a range of certified bike-friendly accommodation worth looking out. There are also basic shelters available for those who travel by kayak, bike or on foot from 30 kr per night, bookable via the Book en Shelter, Ud I Naturen and Naturstyrelsen websites.

How can I plan and navigate my way around Denmark?

The Naviki website offers excellent route planning information and downloadable routes and suggestions for smartphones and GPS devices, and is an essential for anyone wanting to explore Denmark by bike.